Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a Tennessee Thing

It was quite a long flight, but as you can see Ella was entertained.

She slept great too!

Me and Austin got a little bored and he was trying to show off his double chin! (Which he successfully did obviously)

This was at the lake, it was really hot

Uncle Todd took me tubing! I survived though, and with no injuries.

So Ella had a little accident with her clothes and of course, i didn't have any back ups! I learned a great lesson! So to say the least she rode from Chicago home like this, but she didn't even care one bit!

This was in Chicago, we stayed there for a night and spent the day there, we loved it! Crazy traffic though!

We decided to get up the next morning when we arrived in Tennessee and go for what Austin's dad described to be a "short" walk! To say the least we got home 3 hours later, and I about died! Thanks Mike, but I still love ya! :)

Ella met her best friend Boomer! They loved each other, and he was really gentle with her!


Celeste said...

Katrina! Congratualtions on your wedding (last year) and your baby...she is a complete doll. Say Hi to your mom for me. Hope all is well with you, take care.

Celeste (Boyack)