Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun @ Grandma & Grandpa Simpson's

Me and ella love going to Vegas, and this trip was no different. I got braces back on, I wish I would've listened to my parents and wore my retainers, but I only have them on till January so its not that bad. The kicker, I had Dr. Smith do them again, and he is of course in Vegas! So every 6 weeks, I get to jet down there! (My mom is LOVING that!) So here are some new pictures of Ella being goofy! My mom has a bench and Ella loves to crawl on EVERYTHING so this was no different! And of course while I was there we went shopping, and Ella was burned out! She completely crashed in her stroller, and took a long nap! She has 3 teeth now, and is starting to walk! We can't believe it, she is getting so big!

I LOVE these little feet! She usually has painted toe nails too!

This is her cheesy smile!

She was worn out after shopping all day, but she was a trooper and were teaching her young the meaning "Shop till you drop"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun times at home :)

Ella in her high chair!

I love her smile! Anytime you have a bad day, you can't help but being happy when she smiles!

Waiting patiently for her lunch!

Austin thought it would be funny to put her pants on her head!

She thought is was hilarious! She tries to eat the camera when I take pictures of her.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ella's Afro

We can't get enough of her! Because Ella has so much hair, I am able to do whatever I want with it and I do every opportunity I get! I afroed it here for Austin to see when he got home from work. He loved it, and we had to take pictures!

She has her own cell phone too

Sometimes I have to cage her in her port a crib in order to clean the house

This is Ella's Tennessee Titans outfit! She wears it on Sundays when they play. Were BIG Titans fans! (mostly Austin though) :)

She's going to getcha if you don't root for the Titans!