Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun times at home :)

Ella in her high chair!

I love her smile! Anytime you have a bad day, you can't help but being happy when she smiles!

Waiting patiently for her lunch!

Austin thought it would be funny to put her pants on her head!

She thought is was hilarious! She tries to eat the camera when I take pictures of her.


The Olsons said...

She is so cute!! Ok ephraim is like a half hour west of Nephi. It is such a cute tiny town. You should come visit me! Shelli is due in mid january but will most likely go earlier with her little ones.

~FRANCOM FUN~ said...

Katrina! Ella is sooo cute! Congrats on ur family! What part of Utah are u living in? Hope all is going well,let's keep in touch.

Janelle said...

Gasp. You have a blog?! I am so glad because I could look at pictures of Ella all day. She is adorable. So glad you are doing well! Awaiting more pictures...